Fall 2014
Makeshift is a collective of creatives who promote creative enablement through crowdsourced workshops and community events. We also decided to turn our apartment into a design/build! The collective is based in Toronto and recently launched its space: a combined second and third floor apartment. Taking advantage of high ceilings, the apartment was transformed into a work/live space, with large studio spaces for workshops and community socials. Everything was built and designed by us, on a shoestring, post-university budget.
Fall 2016 - Present Day
Makeshift is a collective of creatives who assemble multi-disciplinary perspectives as a think tank and creative incubator. What began as a humble apartment renovation has evolved  with new facilities to support growing ambitions. The studio now includes a photo studio, sewing studio, and woodshop. Bedrooms have made way for boardrooms as our space constantly changes along with us. 
Check us out at our website.

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