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Several teams were created to research and prototype in parallel with one another. Their expertise ranged from macro scale Global Design, to micro scale Component Joinery, from Biology to the Computational generation of structural information and winding patterns.
One of the goals for the pavilion was to develop a standardized production system that worked in tandem with computational design parameters. This could be delivered to and developed further by the industry. An ‘effector’ had to be developed, something that could be attached to the robot and reused for each component as to avoid any use of formwork. This ‘effector’ would have to be able to resist unknown pulling forces from the robots, be light enough to be manoeuvred, stay on budget, and be able to create literally any shape the Global Design group could generate.
A space frame was welded together to counter any forces from winding. Attached to this space frame would be supports, able to adjust in height. At the ends of each support unique milled triangles are attached which hold modular arms; these hold the control points needed for winding.
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